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A Mom, Her Daughter, and Their Business

A Mom, Her Daughter, and Their Business

Monica Yother’s business, My Horses Art, is more than just a way to help pay the bills. It’s a way for her to pass on entrepreneurship to her daughter and to give back to a cause that is dear to them both.

Yother began her latest artistic business venture with her ten-year-old daughter in January of this year. She hosts Pony Painting Parties for girls who love horses, and her website is a unique spot for people looking for original horse-related arts and gifts. If you know a girl who is crazy about horses, Monica could share some stories with you.

Monica was able to share more about her small business and her experience as an entrepreneur in Huntsville.

Monica and her business partner.

My Horses Art is a relatively new business. How did it come to be?
“My daughter is crazy about horses and so am I. There are a lot of horse-crazy girls and moms out there, and not everyone is fortunate enough to have the chance to ride. We take lessons each week, but do not own a horse. (I had my own horses when I was growing up). My personal mission is to encourage women (and girls) to express themselves creatively. So Pony Painting Parties seemed like a good way to give girls a chance to enjoy doing something artistic and horsey…and affordable. As a graphic designer with my own business (which is 5 years old though I have been doing this since 1987) I wanted to teach my daughter everything that goes into starting a business. So she has been there every step of the way. We have business meetings, too!”

Tell us more about the charitable aspect of your business.
“We decided that we wanted our business to be a blessing to our community, and so we did some research and found out that there are horses right here in Madison County that are in need of rescue. So we donate 15% of all our proceeds to that.”

Who does your business serve?
“My Horses Art is really an offshoot of– It is the same thing but for younger ladies and girls. is geared towards women who are searching for inspiration, and creative encouragement. And as I said, My Horses Art allows me the privilege of encouraging and inspiring girls to paint and express their love for horses through art.”

What sort of special events will you be hosting this summer?
“We are very humbled to have been asked by the Girl Scouts to be on their schedule for this coming year. Troop leaders can sign their girls up for our painting parties. We’re also very happy to be helping a sweet little horse named Bella, along with 9 other male horses who have all been rescued and are now in foster homes. The money we help raise will go towards food, medical bills and whatever else they need. We are working with the Animal Services unit here in Madison County for this. Our Pony Painting Parties are a great, easy way to do a party or summer activity – and will help Bella!”

All Painted Pony Parties help fund the care of Bella & other local rescue horses.
What are your personal challenges and rewards about being an entrepreneur?
“Getting it going with no budget! Lucky, I have a studio at Lowe Mill, and I already had all the paints and easels because I had already been doing adult painting parties. And since I can create all our marketing pieces and website we saved a lot of money! Getting the word out is hard too, but it is finally getting out there, and we have several parties booked already for June!
I have always loved helping business owners bring their dream to life. So being able to do the same for my own business(s) is great! To be able to make my own decisions, stick to my mission, and teach my daughter how to do this first hand has been wonderful. I have a successful graphic design business, and I attribute that to loving what I do, caring about my clients, and knowing that every good thing I have comes from above. I love that I can be creative and help others express themselves creatively.”

What is your entrepreneurial advice to other small business owners?
“First of all be true to yourself. If you have been blessed in some way then use what you have been blessed with. If you have a passion for something, then pay attention to that. There have been many good books and teachers in my life; Anointed for Business made a huge impact on me.”

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  • When my children were small they LOVED the bounce houses but I loved them more because they were having fun and I could have a breather…I have 4 children whose age differences are only 5 years total. Having 4 children under 5 was a great challenge but we survived and now they are teenagers!

  • Great post! I have an artsy little ten year old as well who would love to paint something “horsey!”

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