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Hope for the Challenging Child

Hope for the Challenging Child

After 30 years as a pediatrician, I’ve seen that in every arena parents face many challenges. It’s difficult to get a child to:

  • eat a balanced diet
  • play creatively outdoors
  • play peaceably with other children
  • obey simple directives

Many parents are startled with behavior and attitude problems. The sources of these problems are many, among them:

  • Pace and demands of school
  • Peer Pressure
  • Fear of Falling behind
  • Changes in societal expectations

As a doctor, I’ve been very perplexed as to how to help. School counselors and mental health providers offer assistance, but more is needed.

There's hope for parents & kids!
There’s hope for parents & kids!

Help for Parents

My wife and I have arranged conferences on June 21st and 22nd called “Hope for the Challenging Child” with Debra Jones. She’s part of the work at Texas Christian University dealing with difficult parent and child situations and comes to us with professional and personal experience in implementing the techniques of Trust-Based Relational Intervention®.

Session titles at this conference include:

  • Trust-Based Relational Intervention® Overview
  • Practical Ways to Empower – Connect – Correct
  • Making Sense of Sensory Issues
  • Attachment: Yours, Mine, Ours
  • Neurochemistry of Fear (Friday)
  • Managing Meltdowns (Saturday session)

In short, these sessions provide insight and practical interventions to help children overcome the effects of relationship-based issues.

Our interest in this came about because, in addition to medicine, we’ve shared our home and family with various people over 35 years of marriage. Our most recent and challenging experience has been foster children with special and medical needs. We found ourselves in over our heads and realized how much we did not know.

This information has worked in extremely difficult cases, but I believe it offers valuable insights to most families with children. I think the conference will be a great aid and encouragement to any parent who feels challenged.

For more information, go to You may register online or call 256.533.6644 during daytime hours.

We welcome you to attend.

[box style=”lavender rounded” ]ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Dr. Michael Powell has been practicing pediatric medicine for over 30 years. He graduated from UAB School of Medicine in 1978 and finished residency at The Children’s Hospital in Birmingham in 1981. His decision to become a pediatrician was influenced by the opportunity to prevent disease. Residency and early years of practice required strenuous attention to disease management, and prevention receded as a priority. He has been surprised and refreshed in recent years to return to his initial vision of prevention. He is a voracious reader, continually improving his heart and mind through challenging books. He, along with his wife Jolynn, have actively sought to help the needy in the community.[/box]


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