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Get Loud for the North Alabama War Dawgs

Get Loud for the North Alabama War Dawgs

  • Home games are played at James Clemens High School
  • Admission is $5 - $10
A young girl poses with a War Dawgs player after a game.
A young girl poses with a War Dawgs player after a game.
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Did you know North Alabama has a semi-professional basketball team? That’s right! We have an ABA Basketball team playing right here in Madison County! The North Alabama War Dawgs are currently playing their second full season, though they got their start in 2019!

As someone who grew up attending a lot of basketball games- even in college, I was so excited for the chance to check out the home team and introduce my daughter to this great game!

Here’s how we enjoyed a Saturday evening of b-ball fun!

Where do the War Dawgs play?

Right now you’re probably saying to yourself- I don’t remember them building a basketball arena recently. You’d be correct. Currently the team plays at James Clemens High School. Traffic was a breeze and parking is free of charge.

Ticketing and Seating

It’s always a little daunting attending something new! Thank goodness for a good old fashioned website and Instagram account! Click the ticketing link on the home page to purchase tickets online or pay cash at the gate. They also utilize Cashapp, if you’re like me and rarely carry cash! Tickets are General Admission so you get to pick your seats.

Ticket Pricing

Adults: $10.00

Students 9+ $5.00

Military $5.00

Early Bird Family of Four Pass $20.00

War Dawgs Gameday

The James Clemens Gymnasium (Map) is pretty straight forward. They take your ticket at the door and then you’re able to select your seat. We decided to arrive about 30 minutes before tip-off to watch the players warm up. This was a great way to get up close and say hey to the team. Originally we sat behind the goal post and later moved to sit near the Diva Dawgs- that’s the perk of general admission. The team DJ had the music going and the pre-game energy was high!

Tip off was promptly at 7:15 and the game could last anywhere from 3 hours to 3 ½ hours depending on time outs, foul shots, etc.

The dance team, better known as The Diva Dawgs, are a huge part of the entertainment. They help pump up the crowd throughout the game and even put on a half-time show! There was also a shot contest at half time- anyone from the crowd is invited to come out on the court to see if they can make a shot from center court.


Concessions were cash only and they had a range of snacks, candies and beverages! Prices on snacks ranged from $1-$5 depending on your purchase.

The restrooms are located to the left of the concessions- while there wasn’t a changing table in the women’s room, the handicap stall is large.

Post Game

This team and organization have a heart for kids! All the kiddos in attendance were able to come down to the court and meet the players, take photos, and shoot some basketball! My daughter was super excited to take a photo with former Auburn Player, Josh Langford.

The team has a KidsClub coming soon. You’ll be able to sign up your kids so they can participate in exclusive fan experiences like high five tunnels and one on one time with the team!

Final Verdict

The team is great, they play very well together and currently have a strong record in the conference. The game was entertaining to watch and moved at a very fast pace! The energy in the gym is wonderful and the location makes it super accessible! I’d say, plan to eat dinner elsewhere and then head on over for a fun night cheering on the War Dawgs! Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know- they do have theme nights!

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