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5 Fashionable Fall Looks

5 Fashionable Fall Looks

You might have noticed that the column has a fresh look. Not Before My Coffee originated from a particularly early morning this summer when my daughter arrived in my bedroom and informed me that she was bored. At 7AM. I am the type of person that likes to ease into my day and needs copious amounts of coffee before even thinking about tea parties or laundry or completing a writing assignment. In fact, if you will excuse me for a moment, I am going to go grab another cup before we get started.

OK, I’m back.

Although it is still ridiculously hot outside, cool weather is coming.  I can feel it.  Wishful thinking?  Perhaps, but just so we will all be ready, I have scoured the beauty blogs and fashion mags and clothing stores in search of the must-have style necessities of fall.  For you, the Rocket City Mom readership.  Because I care.

1. Color Jeans

 Sofia Skinny Jeans

Lucky Brand

This spring trend has extended into fall with new, deeper colors.  Some of my favorites are peacock blue and burnt orange.  Look for denim with 2% spandex to keep its shape.

2. Animal Prints


Banana Republic

Animal prints are huge for fall.  Shoes, bags, wrapping paperβ€”you name it.  My mom and I recently debated on wearing white after Labor Day.  She said that rule was antiquated, but I maintained that it depended on the fabric.  Winter white and leopard, I like.

3. Chambray


Chambray is incredibly versatile.  Dress it up or down, pair it with a pair of animal print flats, or your new color jeans.  Or both!

4. Statement Necklace 

Bubble necklace


See Also

The statement necklace is tricky.  I have a head like a basketball, so I do not like to call attention to my neck.  The shorter statement necklaces tend to do that, therefore, I prefer the longer styles.  Also, I am not a fan of layering statement necklaces.  Your necklace should make a statement, not several.

(Whispers: If the J.Crew piece above is too rich for your blood, I have seen bubble necklaces online that are much more affordable.  You did not hear it from me.)

5. Bright Blazers



Blazers are back and in bold, new hues.   Make sure that it is fitted to avoid a homage to Murphy Brown or the ladies of Designing Women.  And no turtlenecks!

Each of the above items can be found in a local, Huntsville-area store.  And more importantly, they are also all mom-friendly.  No platform booties here!  We need clothes that make us feel good.  It might be the height of fashion, but if I do not feel comfortable, then it will just gather dust in my closet. 

Happy Shopping!


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    • Thank you!

      Etsy has them in every color–I like the idea of finding one in school colors for school spirit. πŸ˜€

  • Thanks for the tips. I think i will have to invest in the colored jeans but already have plenty of animal prints!!

    • I have an old leopard print skirt that will fit right in–it really is true that if you keep your out of style clothes long enough, eventually they will be en vogue again. πŸ˜€

  • I’m dyeing some jeans today actually! Rit Dye + jeans I don’t like because of the color = new jeans I will love πŸ™‚

  • I found that necklace on Ebay for about $13. Of course shipping took 2 weeks but it’s here and looks great! Love your picks.

    • I was looking at the necklaces on Etsy and honestly, I cannot see a difference between the $150 J. Crew and the $15 Etsy bubble necklaces! I was thinking that an orange one would be perfect for UT football games–I like the idea of school spirit bubble necklaces! πŸ˜€

  • I love the colored jeans, but they intimidate me! What tops? Can they be versatile, not just one pair of pants that go with one particular shirt?

    • Girl, you can wear them with anything! Tees, button downs, sweaters–I personally like animal prints, or a neutral, beige top. HTH! πŸ˜€

    • H&M has some fabulous blazers that will not break the bank! Thank you for reading and commenting! πŸ˜€

  • I like the peacock blue color! I bet grey would also be interesting yet versatile. And I love buying jewelry on Etsy. There are so many beautiful pieces for a good price.

    • I bought the peacock blue jeans this weekend. I like them but they are definitely a skinny jean. I would probably consider them more of a legging than a jean. But the stretch is great– no saggy derriere. πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks for the great tips! Blues and stripes seem to be big this season too!

    • I agree–I do not think that animal prints ever go out of style, although I try to stay away from the Peg Bundy-esque leopard print lycra! πŸ˜€

  • Some good suggestions here! With 2 kids, fashion is not always something I have time to think about but all of this seems pretty easy without over thinking it!!

    • I am a big fan of grab and go clothes–that is why I like the statement necklaces, they transform a simple tee and jeans into a “look”. πŸ˜€

  • I’ve stocked up on colored jeans, but I’m STILL scared of animal print. πŸ™

  • You can definitely pull it off, random RCM reader who I in no way know in real life and is most certainly not reading this because she is my best friend. πŸ˜‰

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