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It’s Time to Come Together for the Great Huntsville Easter Egg Hunt

It’s Time to Come Together for the Great Huntsville Easter Egg Hunt

Are you looking for an Easter Egg Hunt this year but still want to practice safe social distancing? The Great Huntsville Easter Egg Hunt could be just the thing! This drive-by (or walk-by!) egg hunt has the potential to be HUGE… But we need LOTS of people to participate to make this fun. Let’s create an Easter memory our kids will remember for years to come.

How The Great Huntsville Easter Egg Hunt Works

Individuals and businesses can join in the fun by creating a large Easter egg and hang it in your window. Then add your address to our Egg Hunt Map by clicking HERE. Beginning Friday, April 3rd, view the map and start your Easter Egg Hunt around Huntsville and Madison County.

See how many eggs your family can find!

Step 1: Get Egged!

Here are a few creative ways you can “Get Egged” by decorating eggs to find on this hunt:

  • Keep it simple with these blank egg templates you can print from home. Just print, color, and tape them in your window!
  • Or, print out these favorite character egg templates.
  • Use poster board to cut out giant window-sized eggs. Decorate them with markers, paint, glitter – get creative! Tape the finished eggs inside your window where they can be seen from the road.
  • Put together an egg-cellent Easter display in your yard. How about an Easter egg tree?
  • Use window markers to illustrate eggs and Easter scenes on your windows. Make it BIG so it can be seen from the road.
  • Create collage eggs by using tissue paper or magazine photos.
  • You don’t have to drive – coordinate walking hunts with your neighborhood and encourage houses to participate.

Step 2: Map It & Share

Don’t forget to submit your location to the Egg Hunt map! The more eggs we can add the more fun this will be for local kids to hunt. Tell your friends and family – share this article with them and on your local NextDoor and neighborhood communications.

We’ll collect as many egg locations as we can. The hunts start April 3rd through Easter, April 12th!

Step 3: Go Hunting

Use the Egg Tracker Map to navigate to egg locations anytime April 3-12, 2020 to go on an egg hunt! See how many eggs your family can find.

Here’s a few ideas to spice up your hunt…

  • Download & print this egg-citing Egg Tracker to track how many eggs you find! Color in the eggs as you find them.
  • Bring a bag of Hershey kisses in the car. When you find eggs, kids will each get a Hershey kiss. This is a great substitute for finding candy-filled plastic eggs.
  • Make an egg scavenger hunt for your family. On the list are things like “find an egg at a yellow house”, “find a super hero egg”, find a house with more than two eggs, etc. You can even put a time limit on it and make it a race. This is a great walking option for older kids too.
Print out our Egg Tracker to keep count of how many eggs you can find together with your family!

Be sure to join the Facebook Event to join in the fun & share ideas!

Important Note: Please make sure you are following recommended social distancing practices while you are out. Because of the stay-at-home order that goes into effect April 4th at 5pm, please stick to egg hunting on foot in or around your neighborhood. Egg-hunting drives are probably non-essential. This is a good opportunity for people to share the hunt with their neighbors so more people will participate!

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  • This is a stupid idea. You are putting children at risk by doing this. People in Huntsville/Madison are not practicing social distancing at the grocery store and you want to schedule an city wide Easter Egg hunt? The science behind trying to SLOW this Pandemic is for EVERYONE TO STAY HOME, NOT have a social get together (which is what this will turn into) for bored wealthy mommies. Just last week there were no eggs at any grocery store, if your plan comes to fruition many of us will not have eggs for our kids to eat and you will have helped to spread covid19 all over Huntsville and Madison. It is not time to come together, it is time to stay apart.

      • I did read your article and I will submit it to the local health department and the CDC. “You don’t have to drive – coordinate walking hunts with your neighborhood and encourage houses to participate” this is a blatent disregard for our community safety and the safety of our children.

        • Ok. So, I’m trying to be understanding that people are fearful and on edge at this time which means maybe they aren’t always modeling best social behavior. I’m going to assume that you are not intentionally misreading this and perhaps simply don’t understand the point of this virtual egg hunt.

          First, you complained about us encouraging the use of eggs (not what we are doing since we explain in the article that we are providing printable eggs to download and color and hang in your window). Now, you are insinuating that we are encouraging gatherings when we are clearly stating that you can drive around to see the eggs (via the map) OR you can get your neighbors to participate so that your immediate family can simply walk around the neighborhood to see the eggs.

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