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Great Ways to Get Outdoors This Year!

Great Ways to Get Outdoors This Year!

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Happy Happy New Year! All the good vibes from me to you! How many New Year’s resolutions did you make for 2020? Usually, I don’t make any resolutions, but this year I think I overdid it to make up for all the previous years when I didn’t have any resolutions at all. Here are my top 6 ambitious resolutions to get me outside even more! I hope they will inspire you to get outside, too.

More Hiking

I hiked about 75 total miles last year, with 10 miles being the most in one day. That’s a LOT of miles! My total hiking goal for 2020 is 100 miles, plus five new-to-me hikes. Visit my blog for some of the new hikes I want to try. If you want to add hiking to your resolutions list and are looking for some local inspiration, check out my previous posts for beginners and kid-friendly trails on Rocket City Mom for some of my favorite area hikes.

More Caving

Last year, our family spelunked in 3 new-to-us wild caves and saw a lot of cool formations. As you may know from a previous post, I love caving because of the MUD!!! Therefore, this year I want to explore three more wild caves. If you have never been to a cave, get a tour guide so you don’t die. And if you are interested in caving, check out these fantastic guided cave tours a short road trip away from Huntsville.

More Camping

When I go camping, it is a relief to get away from electronic devices. (Mom likes Facebook too much. LOL). Furthermore, campfire-roasted hot dogs are simply delicious: they are perfectly smoked and a camping staple. Equally delectable are s’mores with their melting, gooey, soft, marshmallow centers and making them over the campfire is an experience every kid should have. No wonder I want to camp for at least 20 nights! This subject is hotly debated in our house because Mom said no more than 10 nights. So I said 15, but she still said no more than 10. I guess we’re going to do only 10 nights? We’re still negotiating.

More Hammocking

Lying in a hammock feels like being wrapped in a cocoon. Unsurprisingly, I’ve fallen asleep in our hammock numerous times. During the day, you’ll see beautiful blue skies dotted with fluffy clouds. Maybe even a few birds flying in the sky. When you relax in a hammock at night, you may see stars and constellations if there are no leaves or clouds above to block the starlit view. Speaking of hammocks, imagine how convenient it would be to keep your hammock in the car. Whenever you feel like hammocking, you can take it out and relax. Hmmm…

More Nature

Identifying nature makes me feel a deeper connection to our planet. One problem though, I don’t know what everything is called! Therefore, I want to learn as much about nature as I can. A good way to learn is reading field guides and using apps like iNaturalist. Field guides for our region can be found at bookstores, libraries, and online. Six elements of nature that you can observe and try to identify are constellations, trees, flowers, mushrooms, rocks and minerals, and fossils.

More Skills

My adventure-loving heart is always looking for a new thrill such as kayaking, rock climbing, rappelling, and scuba diving. Recently, our family did something called Discover Scuba, where we tried scuba diving! When I took that first breath with the respirator, I felt like I did the impossible! I breathed underwater! WE HAD A BLAST!!!!

I’m really excited to get started on these resolutions because I love adventure, getting outside, and feeling connected to our planet. What goals are you making to get outside?


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