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Internet Gems, ADHD Style

Internet Gems, ADHD Style

It’s been a WILD week at the offices of Rocket City Mom! Thankfully it’s all been positive wildness, but it has led to today’s Internet linky-love post being a bit… random. I enlisted the help of members from the Rocket City Bloggers group, and they were kind enough to share their favorites gems with you.

[list type=”bignumlist”]
      1. Huntsville Random Acts of Kindness

        Kristan over at the Moneywise Shopperhad the brilliant idea to celebrate her birthday by giving back and encouraging others. She and her daughter traipsed all over Huntsville leaving notes on cars, visiting nursing homes, and surprising strangers with treats. She detailed her adventure and created a list so others could do the same. I can’t wait to follow some of her tips and plan a “Pay It Forward” day with my boys this summer!

        Giving new moms flowers as they leave the hospital! (Photo credit Moneywise Shopper)
      1. The Fastest and Funniest LEGO Star Wars story ever told

        In honor of today’s LEGO show hosted by the Tennessee Valley LEGO Club, I thought I would share this favorite from my boys. I’ve watched it eleventy-thousand times, so you should too.

      2. “If I Should Have a Daughter…”

        Writer and poet Sarah Kay’s spoken word piece “B” will resonate with mothers and daughters everywhere. Don’t panic at the 18 minutes – it’s the first four minutes that deliver a parenting mantra that you can’t afford to miss.

      3. Dancing Matt is Back!

        You might remember Dancing Matt from his previous world-wide dancing videos, and now he’s back with a new 2012 version. This is what world peace looks like, in music video format, and you can’t watch it without feeling like your chest might explode with happiness.



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  • I <3 the idea of celebrating a birthday with RAOK so much! I think I might just need to start coming up with my list of 38 items. Including the kids is also a great idea since I've been struggling with teaching my daughter that gifts are just a very small part of birthday celebrations. What a great way to teach by example.

  • Perfect – little blurbs to read between kid distractions! Love them! 🙂

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