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The City of Rockets & Romance

The City of Rockets & Romance

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Sure, Huntsville is known for its rockets and All Things Space. But when we asked our readers to share the stories of where they first met their spouses and significant others, it became clear that local moms & dads have made it into a City of Love too. Check out these romantic Rocket City meetings at locations around town.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Huntsville!

Love & Rockets
We met when we worked at Space Camp as counselors in February 2006, and were friends a year before we went on our first date on February 15th, 2007. We met by chance when our paths literally crossed as we were walking our teams across the robotics floor. We will be married 11 years in May, and have 2 of the sweetest boys. – Becca D.

Feeling Flushed In the Men’s Room
We were both there to see “Lion in Winter” at Renaissance Theatre – but we were on dates with other people. Renaissance was a gorgeous space that was once a school and had been repurposed into a theatre. Unfortunately, there was only one restroom for men and one restroom for women. Per the usual, the line for the ladies’ one toilet was really long. I am not one for patience, so when the men’s restroom stood vacant for awhile, I went in. When I came out, my now-husband was next in line, and clearly shocked to see a woman emerge from the men’s room. We made small talk and that was our first meeting! We started dating about nine months later after opening “A Christmas Carol” with Fantasy Playhouse. – Sarah B.

TLC at the VBC
I was organizing a big conference at the VBC where my husband’s then-boss was our host. My now-husband was down from Washington, DC to work the event for his boss. We met in the lobby at the VBC and talked at a hospitality suite later. Thanks to a local friend’s meddling (ah, er, encouraging) we had a long distance relationship for four and half years before getting married in 2005. Almost 16 years later, here we are. – Erin K.

Test Driving Love
Hubby and I first met on in late 2007 until I ghosted him initially. I found myself back on and he messaged me the same day. He brought me coffee to my workplace at Bill Penney Toyota a few days after that and we got married 6 weeks later. – Jennifer C.

Love Off the Rails
My husband and I met working at the Huntsville Historic Depot as tour guides in November 2011. I immediately had a huge teenage girl-like crush on him, the dashing new tour guide who was also a writer. Turned out the feeling was pretty mutual and he asked me on a date a few weeks later. The rest is, as they say, history, and we got married at the Historic Roundhouse. – Rebeca H.

A Latte Lovin’ On Governors Drive
We actually met through an online dating site. He contacted me first, I blew him off for a month or so because he was younger than me and I wasn’t very interested but he was persistent and we decided to meet at the Governors Drive Starbucks for coffee. When the barista asked if we were paying together or separately I got nervous and yelled “SEPARATE!”. But as soon as we started talking I knew that we had a spark. We stayed there until they closed for the night and we got married three years later! – Heather H.

Pandemic Passion
Our first date happened in the midst of what we now know was the pausing of life as we knew it was on March 18 of 2020. We knew Old Black Bear was the perfect spot to sit, drink a good beer, and figure out if we liked each other enough to try to have a second date while the world temporarily shut down. As it turns out, we did – we’ll be celebrating our first anniversary, sitting on the same bar stools next month. – Kortnee S. & Coleman P.

Hot Stuff at Humphrey’s
We met on in June of 2018. Our first date or meeting was at Humphrey’s Bar and Grill. He also proposed out in the courtyard on the anniversary of our first date (Humphrey’s was closed due to a fire). When we were deciding where to get married Humphrey’s just seemed like the most logical and romantic place for us! – Melanie W.

Mad For You in Madison
After meeting through a mutual friend, we had been talking and texting back and forth for about two weeks. We decided to have dinner and we chose Bison’s in Madison – now it’s Champy’s – and ended up staying about three hours. We had our first kiss in the parking lot, got engaged on my birthday, and are now going on our 14th year of marriage. – Samantha C.

Spelunking for Love
My husband and I first met in a cave. We were on a group caving trip in north Alabama. As we crawled through the narrow muddy passages in the cave, his humor had me laughing out loud the entire time. Who knew that we would end up dating and getting married after meeting in the mud under 175 feet of limestone. – Tamara H.

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