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Float the Flint with NACK

Float the Flint with NACK

  • Located at 1143 Moontown Road in Brownsboro
  • Phone: 256-529-0357
  • Provides kayak/canoe rentals and shuttle services.
A young girl enjoys an ice pop in front of the Flint River during her family's float with NACK.
A young girl enjoys an ice pop in front of the Flint River during her family's float with NACK.
A family enjoys their float down the Flint River on a canoe rented from NACK.
A father and daughter prepare to launch their NACK canoe onto Flint River.
The tip of a NACK canoe can be seen floating down the Flint River.
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A young girl enjoys an ice pop in front of the Flint River during her family's float with NACK.

Please, just lie to me, and tell me that from here on out it’s all warm weather. We’ve had a good snow, the kids got out of school, heck, it’s past Easter, which means it is beyond time for the warm weather. Whether we’re done with the cold or not, it is officially almost NACK season. That is, North Alabama Canoe and Kayak season.

They open mid-April and you do not want to miss it. It was one of the absolute best things we did last summer. To my great regret, we did not make the teenagers come which is a real travesty because they would have LOVED it.

If you haven’t ever done it before let me encourage you – it is so much fun! And I don’t mean ‘fun’ like Disney World with kids is fun. Ya know, the kinda fun that wears you out and leaves you more tired than you were before you left on vacation. No, this is the kinda fun that is actually relaxing.

Getting Started at NACK

You meet at their facility in Brownsboro, pay, sign the waiver, grab a lifejacket – they have plenty of adult and kid sizes – and pile into the van that takes you to the beautiful Flint River. They have changing rooms as well as restrooms, so be sure to take advantage of that too. At the river, they do all the work for you. And, let me tell you, as a former canoe counselor at a summer camp, I can assure you, you do not want to be the one unloading those canoes and kayaks off of the trailer. Those bruises don’t fade.

NACK lets you choose your own canoe or kayak. We opted for the canoe since we had the seven year old with us. Speaking of Disney World, this child is absolutely fearless when it comes to roller coasters, but she was terrified when she first got in the canoe – despite the fact that she is a champion swimmer. We finally got out of the boat and into the shallow water to show her – ‘look, it’s going to be fine if we all fall in.’

After that, it was full steam ahead. We didn’t really have to put a lot of effort into paddling because the current just gently takes you.

What to Expect

We weren’t alone on the river, but it wasn’t terribly crowded either. There were several spots you could pull off to to swim, have a snack, look for critters, or take pictures. Next time, we’ll stop at Stanlieo’s on the way and grab a couple subs to put in the cooler.

Once we realized how nice it felt to float down the river the last thing we wanted to do was rush through. The average trip takes three and a half hours. Ours took a little longer. Can’t imagine why…

They recommend bringing food and drinks, water shoes, bug spray, and sunscreen. There is room for a small 12 pack cooler on all rentals.

The river was teeming with life when we went. Turtles, fish, cool birds, crawfish – we saw it all. Sadly, we didn’t see any snakes, which is a real bummer because I actually like snakes!

Ready to relax?

NACK Details

Phone: 256-529-0357
Location: 1143 Moontown Road, Brownsboro, AL 35741 (Map)
Website | Facebook
Cost: $45 per person | $25 kids 5 and under
$25 Shuttle services for your own kayak/canoe

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