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Why Supper with Santa is Magical

Why Supper with Santa is Magical

It’s time again for another Christmas tradition: pack your kids up and wait in horrifyingly long mall lines, packed in like sardines with crying and cranky kids and despairing adults for your time to meet Santa. There, your kids will either: 1) clam up and refuse to speak or make eye contact, or 2) begin crying hysterically. Then you get to pose for pictures, your shell-shocked faces preserved for all time! Such memories for the future!

Or… you can purchase tickets for Supper with Santa and bypass all that pain and heartache.

Supper with Santa is held annually at EarlyWorks Museum, and serves as the Earlyworks Society’s major fundraising event. The event gives parents and their children the chance for a kid-friendly dinner with jolly Saint Nick, Mrs. Claus, and their costumed elves. Afterwards, enjoy free admission to Santa’s Village at the Huntsville Depot Roundhouse!

Our Supper with Santa Experience (the price is now $15 but still…priceless)

My family and I, including our 5 and 1 year old sons, were lucky enough to score tickets for the 5:00 PM early seating. The boys were excited to hear that they would be leaving daycare early to attend a Christmas dinner, and even more thrilled to hear that Santa would be in attendance!

We braved the afternoon rush hour to arrive a little late. We walked into a packed hall and were escorted to our table by a couple of cute Santa’s elves, who left some coloring sheets with the boys. Soon, after some opening remarks from the director of the Earlyworks Society, dinner was served: chicken tenders, fries, and salad courtesy of Tenders! If you or your children have dietary restrictions consider letting Earlyworks know beforehand to work out any special arrangements.

Supper with Santa

While patrons are eating, Mr. and Mrs. Claus circulate the hall and visit tables to stop and chat with kids, hear their requests, and pose for pictures. When they got to us, my older somewhat hesitantly sat on Santa’s lap and regaled him with requests for obscure toys he’s seen on Youtube, toys of Godzilla’s foes, and monster trucks (I detected a sense of relief from Santa upon finally hearing about something recognizes, but my son never noticed. Good job, St. Nick).

Meanwhile, the one year-old was more interested in exploring and looking at the many Christmas trees, lights and decorations that were set up around the dining room. BOTH kids posed for a picture with Santa. Afterwards the kids took off to gawk and lounge at the dog tree in the Earlyworks Atrium.

Earlyworks Society Supper with Santa

Parent Pro-Tip: don’t forget to bring your camera!
Supper with Santa Verdict

We were there for about an hour, just long enough to keep the kids’ attention. The weather that evening was stormy, so Santa’s Village was closed. We would postpone that portion of the trip until a few weeks later – a nice option for families that have early bedtimes and need to do the Santa’s Village visit at a later time.

Overall the family had a great time at Supper with Santa! It was a perfect environment to introduce the kids to Santa; the oldest’s favorite holiday is now Christmas and the youngest loved the decorations and costumes.

Instead of waiting in line in crowded conditions, consider instead the chance to have a nice relaxed sit-down dinner with plenty of Santa time at Suppers with Santa!

Tickets go on sale November 1st and they SELL OUT QUICKLY so reserve your family’s spot ASAP!

Supper with Santa 2019 Details

When: Dec 2-5, 2019 | 5PM and 6:30PM each evening
Where: EarlyWorks Children’s Museum Grand Hall, 404 Madison Street, Huntsville (map)
Cost: $15 per person, required for anyone above the age of one year. Includes a ticket to Santa’s Village that can be used anytime before Dec. 23rd!
Buy Tickets | Website | Earlyworks Family of Museums on Facebook

A lucky RCM Reader will win 4 passes to Supper with Santa on Wednesday, December 4th at 6:00 PM. To enter, just click the Rafflecopter box below and follow the directions – you may enter up to five times! We will announce a winner inside the box on Nov. 28. Don’t want to risk it? Purchase tickets online now HERE!

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