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Rocket City Babysitters Makes Date Night Possible Again

Rocket City Babysitters Makes Date Night Possible Again


The importance of regular date nights is a no-brainer. We all need kid-free time with our significant other to reconnect, catch up, and simply be together without distractions. Date night is cheaper than therapy, much cheaper than divorce, and a whole lot more fun. Cue Rocket City Babysitters.

Imagine moving to a new city, with no family nearby, and not knowing a soul. What’s a stressed-out parent to do?

Identifying a Real Need

Melissa Harman has been there. She saw a need for families after she went through 30 individuals and no one had a reference that was available for a last-minute overnight sitter. “In a community like Huntsville that is 70% transplants, the services Rocket City Babysitters offer will help ease many stressors.”

A mom herself, as well as a veteran, Melissa knows how hard it is to maintaining balance with work and home life. She loves being a small business owner that helps parents find more time for themselves, and she knows what parents are looking for in a babysitter because she’s been there.

Rocket City Babysitters Melissa

Rocket City Babysitters Services

RCB is licensed and insured and thoroughly screens all of their sitters. Melissa has worked hard to build a very secure business for her clients. “This is not like hiring a next door neighbor’s high schooler. I strive to always have a sitter available and will always be screening for new hires. I am your concierge service for when the need arises!”

Rocket City Babysitters is not just short-term sitters – they specialize in a variety of care for children.

  • Nannies
  • Tutors
  • Postpartum Helpers
  • Special Needs Sitters
  • Extended Sitters – Overnight, Weekend, & Vacation
Special Offers

Just in time for the holidays, RCB is offering 20% off for the month of December They also offer discounts to all public servants, military, and churches. Why not take advantage of one of the busiest times of the year to give them a try?

Win 4 hours of sitting. Can be used in the morning or evening. (Valued at $48) All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below about what you would do with 4 hours of free time without kids! Follow their Facebook Page for an extra entry!


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  • Go clothes shopping for me, something I never do because it’s hard to try things on with kids in tow.

  • I would love go get some hoilday shopping done and go out to dinner with my hubby

  • This is a great idea and I believe a much needed service. We would do dinner and a movie or bowling.

  • My husband and I would go explore the city. Since moving here 2 years ago we have not had the opportunity to get out and see very much of what the city has to offer, other than child friendly venues!

  • Mommy spa day!! It would be amazing. And I’ve used this service once already. It was so easy and convenient. And my girls loved the sitter 🙂

  • Dinner & a movie with my husband. I can’t remember the last date night we had.

    • Awe that is amazing! We don’t have family nearby and babysitters seem to keep falling through for us.

  • Sleep? Jk…sorta. Go on a date with my husband for the first time since having our third baby. Just going out to eat and talking without the kids would be pretty awesome.

  • My husband and I would go out and celebrate both of our birthdays!!! We both have a December birthday, and with it being such a busy time of year, along with having 3 kiddos (ages 6, 3, 19 months), it’s tricky to find time for birthday celebrations. What a blessing this would be 🙂

  • Date night with my wife…just holding hands, strolling, enjoying a few hours without the little ones crawling, climbing and running around. Maybe a movie theatre with popcorn and drinks. We moved to the city more than a year ago but have not had a lot of opportunities to explore the city and see what it has to offer.

  • We would DEF have a much needed date! Maybe a movie and if the movie wasn’t any good that is ok too… a nap in a theater would be heaven too without toddlers jumping on you!

  • We’d love to watch a movie…at home or theater…a whole movie all at once!!

  • With a special needs 9 year old, and an extremely active 2 year old, we would love to use some babysitting time to reconnect and have a good old fashioned date night!

  • Would love to have some relaxing alone time with my husband! Maybe see a movie and get dinner!

  • Either a date day, massage or even just sleep for myself!! I’m exhausted.

  • My husbands dad is dying of lung cancer. It has put a lot of stress on the family and we spend most of our time at hospitals and the doctors than we have free time. I’d love to have a date night WITH them and my brother and sister in law and take them out to get us all out of the house and take our mind off everything.

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