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The Best of Santa Fail Photos

The Best of Santa Fail Photos

When we asked to see your sad Santa fail photos and did you ever deliver! You better watch out, your better not cry – these kids met Santa and were DONE.

Our Favorite Santa Fails

A Lap Full of Tears

Photo Courtesy: Alexis Davis
Photographer: Jennifer Myers
Brantley (1), Paizley (2) and Kathryn 2 months

What’s Sister’s Problem?

Photo Courtesy: Tori Calvert
Wesley (3) and Kendall (1)


Photo Courtesy: Tori Calvert
Photographer: O’Dell Photography
Amelia, age 2

The Cutest Pout That Ever Did Pout

Photo Courtesy: Brittany Smith Chapman
Photographer: 17th + Pear
Cole age 1

Why is Mrs. Claus Crying?

Photo Courtesy: Anna Patterson
Preston, age 2


Photo Courtesy: Laura Bullington
Lucas, 13 months

Turn It Up to Eleven Santa

Photo Courtesy: Amanda Magnusson Jones
Jack (7) Sam *crying* (2) Max (5)

These photos were submitted by local parents whose kids were rescued shortly after the photo was snapped and was ALL about it a moment earlier. See more Epic Santa Fails on our Facebook Page here! #BlessTheirHearts

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