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This baby chef is all the cuteness and our feelings on pizza are sympatico

This baby chef is all the cuteness and our feelings on pizza are sympatico

Have you discovered Kobe Eats yet? This tiny chef has made quite the splash in a short period of time. He’s all over Instagram and TikTok with his adorable cooking videos. According to his website he “loves to explore in the kitchen” and it’s pretty obvious he’s enjoying himself.

Lest you think this tyke is just a cute smushie face who lets his parents do all the work check out this video where he makes pancakes. Notice he pours batter, uses the whisk and even helps flip the pancakes (sort of). Whatever…it’s cute.


@kobeeatsChef Kobe hopped on the pancake trend! ##pancakecereal ##fyp ##chef♬ Theme Park – Levi Gunardi

Then there’s the time he made spicy maple chicken and seemed to have a fight with the masher. I’m not sure I understand what’s going on here but I’m obsessed.


@kobeeatsWe tried Spicy Maple Chicken tonight! Chef Kobe was very angry at the masher 🤣 thank you for 100K on insta! Special videos & news coming soon!! 🎉♬ On Tiptoes – Abaco Music Library

Said masher also makes an appearance when Chef Kobe makes vegan banana chocolate chip bars. To be honest, he does seem to eat more than cook here but who among us can’t say the same?


@kobeeatsChef Kobe made vegan banana chocolate chip bars! And kelly snuck in a bowl lick 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 ##fyp ##foodfam ##baker ##chefkobe♬ original sound – ashleywian

Finally, we come to my favorite of his videos so far. The one that captured my heart and convinced me we have very similar feelings about pizza.


@kobeeatsDIY CHICHOS PIZZA! Chef Kobe was focus and so excited about this one … well, because of cheese 👨🏻‍🍳 ##foodfam ##fyp ##pizza♬ Italian Tarantella – Italian Restaurant Music of Italy


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