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Time to Stock Up?

Time to Stock Up?

Did you know that certain months consistently offer the best time of year to purchase specific items? This may seem like a no-brainer. . . I’m betting you’ve figured out by now that school supplies are cheapest in late July and August. (Have you checked your local office supply flier lately? You can’t beat a 12-pack of erasers for a penny!)

<h4>Why Sales are Cyclical</4>Just as there are sale cycles in play at your local retail stores, cyclical patterns pop up at the grocery store as well. Items like meat, fresh produce, and condiments typically are at their lowest price during the summer months (when grocers are betting you’re hanging out on the back porch grilling.) In the beginning of the school year watch for price dips on pre-packaged snacks, juice boxes, fruit cups and (of course), school supplies. Need a deal on baking supplies? Hold off until November and December, when the price of sugar, flour, baking mixes, and baking chips will be significantly cheaper than when purchased in the summer months.

So, what other items might you find included in annual sale rotations? Well, once Christmas has passed watch for deals on hearty comfort food, soups, and crackers. And, expect your best prices of the year on Tostitos, Velveeta, & Ro-Tel the week before the Super Bowl. (Those grocers sure do have us pegged, don’t they?) But grab that Velveeta & Ro-Tel while it’s available, because the minute the big game’s over you’ll find loads of deals on glass cleaners, antibacterial wipes, and magic toilet bowl wands. Apparently once the Super Bowl is done it’s time to begin a little Spring cleaning!

<h4>How Sales Can Save You Money</h4>Wondering how this will help pinch a penny at the grocery store? Well, you’ll find the best prices on school supplies during the coming month, so stock up! Buy enough crayons, pencils, pens, paper & other school supplies so that you won’t need to trudge to Wal-Mart in the middle of winter and pay full price when your kiddos run out of paper. The only thing on sale in January is Progresso Soup . . . which won’t help with your children’s school supply crisis! Stock up on lower priced meats when they pop up over the next few weeks, grab a few extra juice boxes when the prices go down in August, and make sure to purchase loads of fruits and veggies until your freezer is bursting at its seams while they’re super cheap in the summer months.

And, while you’re snagging all those great deals on school supplies? Be sure to grab an extra pack of paper, box of crayons, or set of markers to donate to your local school so they’re all stocked up for winter too. We all know that your child’s teacher will be looking for more dry erase markers come February, and you don’t want to pay full price for those suckers when you can grab them for a fraction of the cost now!


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