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Valentine’s Day Poems from Dad

Valentine’s Day Poems from Dad

We have some pretty amazing Readers, and we love to feature them when we can, especially when they’re talented, funny, and poignant when it comes to parenting moments. Love is in the air – and it’s totally OK if you use one of these Valentine’s Day poems in a card to your sweetie. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Poems to Make You Smile

Baby’s First Valentine

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I got you a present,
Hint: it is poo.

Date Night

Find a sitter,
Put on suit,
Kids are fighting,
It’s not cute.
Wait on wife,
And wait, and wait;
Sitter cancelled,
Ain’t that great?
Get friend’s teen
To watch the girls,
Mommy’s ready,
Now one hurls.
I don’t care,
Put her to bed,
Good luck getting
Either fed.
Kiss goodnight,
Rush out the door,
Get in car,
Gas to the floor,
Get to dinner,
Order wine,
No ones called yet,
This is fine.
The phone rings
Girl two puked up
Chicken wings.
Get our check,
Our food to go,
Driving home
And not too slow.
Pay the girl,
Put kids to sleep,
Cuddle on couch,
Drowsiness creeps.
Kiss the wife’s
Head on my chest,
I still think date night
Is the best.

Class Valentines

Remember that you
Only give the big stickers
To the kids you like.

Candy hearts

The silly phrases
Do not make up for the fact
They taste like fruit chalk.

Class Valentine Party

Twenty cupcakes,
Screaming kids,
Heart-shaped cups with
Heart-shaped lids,
Lunch bag mail box
For the cards,
Bad poems
Not by The Bard.
Icing covers
Every child,
Sugar making
Them go wild.
Teacher yells,
I yell, too,
Kids are yelling,
Eardrums blew.
Heads on desks,
I sneak away:
Ah the joys
Of Valentine’s Day.


If we gave love freely
For more than just one day,
Perhaps hatred and anger
Would start fading away;
Perhaps skies would look blue,
Even when they are gray,
And all of our children
Could join hands and play.
This can only happen,
I’d venture to say,
If we gave our love freely
Beyond Valentine’s day.

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