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Why I Did It

Why I Did It

As I write this, I have two days left of Bootcamp. This was going to be my last post but I realized that this series wouldn’t be complete until I had totally finished my journey. So I’ll write about what I lost (and gained) next week. What I want to share today is a quick peek into my head when I signed up for this “adventure”.

Kim is a Huntsville mom and fellow blogger who has contributed to RCM a couple of times. I discovered her site several months ago but I was already terribly late to the party because she is a very well-known blogger in the mom blog community. She’s been writing over at Miss Zoot for several years and it shows. She is a GREAT writer and she is crazy honest which makes for great reading. She is also quite the inspiration when it comes to exercise. You can read all about her trials and tribulations in going from a non-runner to someone who regularly runs half-marathons and even completed the recent Warrior Dash in Nashville.

I admire her for all those reasons but what I really admire her most for is this video in which she proves that after a year of Huntsville Adventure Bootcamp, she can hold a plank for three minutes. I encourage you to try this yourself; it’s hard no matter how much you weigh and three minutes is HARDCORE!

After I saw this video, I tried to hold a plank for as long as I could (45 seconds). When I finish this camp, I’ll do it again but I don’t know if I’ll video tape it. Kim is braver than me in that respect and that’s what makes her blog so awesome. She is REAL to a degree that most people aren’t. She’s also my exercise hero.


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  • I’ve never wanted a time machine before, but after I filmed that video I kind wondered, “What would Kim from a year ago have thought about that?” I know part of Last Year Kim would have cracked up over the animals harassing me 🙂 – but I don’t think I would have believed it. I think I would have assumed it was some trick of editing or something. I couldn’t even hold a plank in that position for 30 seconds my first month at boot camp!

    Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot. I’m just so surprised with where this journey has brought me. I’m glad you’ve started your own too!

    • Actually, the “time machine” aspect of it is the ONLY reason I’m even considering doing my own video although the plank wouldn’t be it. For me I think it’s push ups. I’m not sure I could even do one real one before Boot Camp and then Wednesday I did 50! Not in a row, mind you but still.

    • Carol – thanks and don’t shy away from a little credit yourself. Even with a cold and back problems you’ve been pushing yourself too.

    • I was a little late in discovering but am so glad she’s here in my own backyard!

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