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Tell Us About the Unfamous Women in Your Life

Tell Us About the Unfamous Women in Your Life

Want to share a story about an important woman in your life for everyone in the Tennessee Valley to hear? Rocket City Mom is partnering with 89.3 WLRH Huntsville Public Radio for a special Women’s History Month segment titled “Un-Famous Women in History”. It’s your chance to show some love for someone who made a big difference in your life. It can be anyone – your favorite teacher, an inspiring coach, a wise neighbor or beloved relative. It’s your chance to share a personal history about a powerful female presence in your life. It might appear in a special segment of WLRH’s weekly public affairs show, The Public Radio Hour, this Thursday at 7:00 pm.

How to Participate

You’ll need to use a smartphone to record your testimonials and then email the audio to

WLRH Recording Instructions

1) Read each question below aloud and then give your answer. Your audio should include you asking and answering each question, one at a time. If you mess up or want to try again, don’t stop the recording. Just try the question and answer again. We’ll edit out mistakes.

2) You’ll need to be sure to hold your phone close enough to your voice to get a good recording, but not too close or the audio will be distorted. We cannot use distorted audio recordings.

3) Once you finish the questions and have a recording you are happy with, email it to We will edit out any mistakes, flubs or do-overs. The best audio will be produced into a single segment that airs Thursday night at 7:00 pm on The Public Radio Hour’s Women’s History Month episode.

Tips for Creating a Great Testimonial

  • It’s OK to jot down a couple of notes. But don’t read your answers, tell your answers. Speak from the heart.
  • Keep your answers as simple as possible. The entries we will air will be no more than 1.5 – 2 minutes long.
  • Make your recording in a quiet place with as little background noise as possible. Also, be careful not to move the phone as you are recording.
  • You want your phone’s microphone to be close to your mouth. The best thing to do is stack a few books and set your phone on top so that it’s resting at ‘mouth-level’
  • Don’t worry about messing up. The audio will be edited and cleaned up in post-production, so just have fun with it!

Self-Interview Questions

When recording, read each question below aloud and then give your answer.

Who am I? (Full name) Where do I live? (City, State)

Who is a woman in my life that I admire?

How did I first meet this person and what was my first impression of her?

What is my favorite thing about this person?

What is my favorite story about this person?

Why is the world a better place because of this person?

What is the most important thing this person has taught me?

If I could say one thing to this person, what would it be?


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