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Women: 85%
Ages 25-54: 80%
Attended College: 85%
Huntsville/Madison Resident: 67%
North Alabama Resident: 90%

We are so glad you are considering advertising your business with us and reaching the many thousands of Tennessee Valley Parents that read River City Mom every month. We aim to be the go-to resource for parents looking to find ways to spend time and money with their children.

RCM-OVECurrently, Rocket City Mom Media Solutions averages over 200,000 page views and reach 75,000+ unique visitors each month. Users spend an average of 2min 30sec on our site. Additionally, our social media streams are very popular and are a great way for our sponsors to get the word out about upcoming events, specials, and new offerings.

Facebook – 46,000+
Instagram – 16,900+
Twitter – 6,300+
Newsletter Subscribers – 16,000+

We are happy to work with all types of budgets and offer a number of ways for sponsors to reach out to families in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. These include banner ads, giveaways, upgraded listings, calendar events, social media, and inclusion in our weekly e-newsletter. We realize many of our clients are new to website advertising and we know you have many options both local and non-local. We encourage you to educate yourself about what information you should be getting from potential partners (e.g. impressions per month, unique visitors, etc.) and what all those numbers mean.

To start your customized journey as a River City Mom site sponsor, email us at info@rivercitymom.com and we’ll be in touch soon!

What Our Sponsors Say

“I just wanted to let you know that NARM had an amazing weekend. Ticket sales had been incredibly slow, but we ended up having a better Peter Cottontail event than last year!  The majority of people I asked said they had heard about our museum or the event through RCM, so THANK YOU!” – North Alabama Railroad Museum

“This site is effectively reaching my target audience of school aged families. It is relevant to their needs, constantly updated with the latest information and has great staff.” – Classical Conversations

“We had more signups from Rocket City Mom than from Facebook and Google combined. We are thrilled!” – i9Sports

“Rocket City Mom continuously ranked very high in our analytics. Of the traffic coming to our site from RCM, 80% was new traffic and we love to see that. Broadway Theatre League was very pleased with the ad’s performance.” – Broadway Theatre League

“Rocket City Mom has helped us drive traffic for many of our museum special events such as the Rocket Run 5k and the Transit of Venus viewing. People in the crowd frequently tell us they heard about our events from RocketCityMom.com.” – U.S. Space & Rocket Center

What our Readers Say

Multitasking mother with her daughter“I currently live in Washington DC and my husband’s job is going to be relocated to Huntsville later this year. So yesterday I arrived in the city for the first time to visit and saw your car with the Rocket City Moms logo. I got so excited and started screaming in the car, I know her, I follow her blog!! It felt like home!! I felt like I already knew someone in the city. Every week I look for ideas of what I am going to be doing when I move to Huntsville. Thanks for all your hard work … And if you see a crazy lady honking at you, it is probably me just excited to see you. – Juliana

“We did the walking nights (Galaxy of Lights) tonight because of your recommendation. It was so fun! Thanks for your insight. I was always too nervous to take the kids before.”- Alison W.

“Thank you for helping me find fun things to do with my baby girl! I am a born and raised Huntsvillian and you have clued me in on things that I never knew about.”- Megan G.

“My family just moved here a few weeks ago. I am a stay at home mom. This blog has been the best resource for our daily outings around town.” – Michelle D.

“I just wanted to take a quick minute and say thank you for all you do to put together your website.  I visit weekly and look forward to the newsletters.  As a working mom, your site has made life easier and I truly appreciate all the background research and long hours you must put in to provide us all such a great one-stop-shop of things to do, places to go, and upcoming events!” – Kristi N. 

Pick Our Brain!

If you’re an area small business that offers products or services to local families, we can help you! Rocket City Mom Media Solutions offers marketing consulting, social media workshops, branding, and digital advertising advice. We’d love to be a part of your success story!