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5 “Tricks” for a Safe Halloween

5 “Tricks” for a Safe Halloween

For many children and adults alike, Halloween is one of the most fun nights of the year. Who wouldn’t love an evening of dressing up and FREE CANDY? But, with so many little ones out and about in one night, it’s important for everyone to be extra cautious to ensure we all enjoy a safe Halloween. Here are five (5) things you can do to make sure tomorrow night is still fun but drama free.*

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  1. Practice Safe Trick or Treating

    Before you leave the house, make sure both little AND big goblins know the basics: cross only at corners or marked crosswalks, never cross the street between parked vehicles, never go into a stranger’s house, watch out for cars backing or turning, wear bright colored clothing and use a flashlight.

  2. Drive Carefully

    Keep an eye open for children who forget the rules, use caution when traveling and obey posted traffic signs especially in neighborhoods.

  3. Set the Rules

    Make sure children know they should not open candy until they have returned home and that ALL candy should be inspected for tampering. Adults should accompany children, discuss the route their children should be taking and most important, explain the difference between tricks and vandalism (especially cemeteries).

  4. Prepare Your Home

    Have a well lit home both inside and out to prevent vandalism and injuries, remove all obstacles from your lawns to avoid injuries and don’t use candles in ornaments that could set a fire.

  5. Know Your Neighbors

    In ideal circumstances, you would only visit homes of those neighbors you know, but at a minimum parents should check their neighborhoods for known sex offenders by visiting before heading out to trick or treat.

[/list] [box type=”blank” class=”bg-blue rounded-10″]Does your family have any Halloween safety “tricks” we haven’t mentioned? If so, share them in the comments section. [/box]

*Thanks to the Huntsville Police Department for their annual help in compiling these suggestions to keep our children safe on Halloween.


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