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10 Creative Halloween Looks for Less

10 Creative Halloween Looks for Less

The leaves are changing and in less than a month, we’ll be sneaking candy from the kids’ Halloween buckets. (Yay!) The National Retail Federation anticipates that 40% of consumers will head to a discount store for their looks this year, so we partnered with Alabama Goodwill Industries to bring you and your family some spooky and affordable inspiration and purchases you can feel good about! You’ll love these 10 Halloween costumes ideas.

Alabama Goodwill Industries employs members of the Huntsville, Madison and Athens communities that experience barriers to employment, so you can feel even better about taking home that deal.

1. Scarecrow

Whether girl or boy, mom or dad – this Halloween costume is a classic. Grab a plaid shirt ($1.99), jeans ($3.99) or skirt ($3.99) and head over to YouTube for this insanely easy scarecrow makeup tutorial.

2. Super Market Sweep Team

Feeling nostalgic? For this super creative look, grab a sweatshirt, some sweatpants and white sneakers. Sneakers start as low as $5.99! Then snag a nametag and iron-on number from your local craft store! This is sure to be a crowd-favorite flashback! (Bonus points for the blow-up Pepsi can!)


3. Nurse

They’re the superheroes of 2020 and 2021, (and you’re likely still wearing a mask anyway) so this is the perfect Halloween costume! You can find a variety of scrub tops and pants for less than $8 total at Alabama Goodwill stores!

4. The Munsters

Dress the whole crew as Herman, Lily and Eddie! These “Munsters” inspired outfit styles can be put together for less than $10 each, and this is an awesome place to start for makeup tutorials!

5. Baseball Player

Give your little slugger the pro look as a baseball player this Halloween! Alabama Goodwill has many sporting goods like cleats and baseball gloves at scary low prices. This entire look will run you less than $15!

6. Little Audrey

A classic Halloween look for less! Grab a tiara, black dress, and visit Alabama Goodwill’s “Treasure Island” for affordable jewelry to accessorize this adorable costume! Necklaces start at just $1.99 at Alabama Goodwills!

7. Forrest Gump

Run, Forrest, run! Browsing your closest Goodwill, you may find the look for Little Forrest, Running Forrest, or Bench-sitting Forrest! All are easy, affordable and crowd-pleasing options that will run you less than $15 on average!

8. Weatherman

Your little guy will be so cute in this weatherman costume! To make it even funnier, dress the rest of the family up as weather elements – a rainbow, cloud, sun, and snow!

9. Rosie the Riveter

We can do it! Rosie the Riveter is an empowering look for girls and women of all ages, and we love the look Alabama Goodwill put together for baby girls! Pairing denim on denim and a touch of red makes this Halloween costume super easy to accomplish. This hair and makeup tutorial will enhance your look too!

10. Cat Lady

This look on your toddler is sure to create some chuckles! Grab stuffed kitten and cat toys from Goodwill’s large selection of toys – then grab a toddler robe, pajama pants and add in some hair rollers for the ultimate “cat lady” look!

To find the Alabama Goodwill donation centers and stores nearest you, visit:

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