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Have Some Retro Fun at the Athens Cinemagic Drive-In Theatre

Have Some Retro Fun at the Athens Cinemagic Drive-In Theatre

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My family loves watching movies together, and it’s one of our favorite summer past-times. Last week we opted for a new experience, and headed west into Athens to visit the Cinemagic Drive-In.

We were already fans of the regular indoor Cinemagic Theatre – it’s a mom & pop affair, and it’s clean and reasonably priced with five screens. The crowds are usually smaller than other movie houses in Huntsville, but we had never been to the Drive-In before and had no idea what to expect.

Our Cinemagic Drive-In Experience

We wanted to get a good spot, so we arrived at 7:45 PM and there was already a short line of cars waiting for the gate to open at 8:00 PM to see Monsters University. Ticket prices are less than the regular theatre tickets (yay!) and we picked a spot on the first row at the end – next time we’ll know a spot in the back row towards the middle would have been fine too. Before the movie started around 8:30 (or dark) kids were tossing a football and playing tag in front of the screen.


Instead of having the old-style speakers on poles, the Cinemagic uses a FM transmitter, allowing patrons to hear the movie soundtrack in stereo on their car’s FM radio. I was worried about sound, especially since we were in an open-air Jeep, but it worked beautifully.

The main screen is 54 feet by 24 feet in size, and there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. The theatre usually shows films at the Drive-In that tend to be more family-friendly, and there were tons of families there, some with kids in their pajamas (genius!). Your parking spot is pretty large, and lots of people brought lawn chairs and picnic dinners, something totally allowed. The walk-up concession stand is also open and sells popcorn, candy, soda, and nachos at a very reasonable price.

You can sign up for their weekly email newsletter to keep updated as to which movie will be shown at the Drive-In that week, or visit their website.

My boys had a blast and we can’t wait to go again. This would be really fun with a group of friends, and the prices can’t be beat. Don’t forget to bring the bug spray in the summertime!

Athens Cinemagic Drive-In Details

Address: 1702 South Jefferson Street, Athens, AL 35611 (map)
Phone: 256-233-0402
Drive-In Prices: Children 3 to 11 – $4.00; Adults 12 to 59 – $6.00; Seniors 60 and up – $4.00

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  • Awesome. I have been wanting to take the family for a while now. I noticed on their website the prices are a dollar more than what you posted. You still can’t beat that price!

    • Thanks Amy – I checked and you are right! I’ll update the post to reflect the actual prices.

  • Too cool. Like you, we enjoy the regular theater over there from time to time. Maybe we’ll give the drive-in a whirl.

    I’ve seen a drive-in movie in my pajamas. My parents took us to see the PG version of Saturday Night Fever. We sat on the window-rolled-down closed tailgate of my mother’s ’77 Buick station wagon.

    You should be dancin’. Yeah.

  • Cool. My truck does not have a radio though. Any chance there is a FM radio phone app that will work there? It would be cool to camp in the bed of the truck if we can get sound.

    • That’s a really good question… we always bring a CD player with an FM radio when we go in our Jeep. I didn’t think about an app though!

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