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We’ve got a theme song!

We’ve got a theme song!

Since we launched this site in 2010 the number of Huntsville focused websites, magazines, influencers, and podcasts has grown exponentially and we are thrilled to see so many others explore and discover our city. But…do they have their own theme song?

We’re pretty sure the answer is a big no.

Of course, Rocket City Mom stands out for more than just its song. We also have

  • An amazing team of local parent contributors that reflect the diversity of our area.
  • A ridiculously full events calendar full of family-friendly fun.
  • Our FREE mobile app that puts all our most popular site info at your fingertips for on the go fun.
  • Seasonal guides, active social channels, local guides and directories and much more!

But for all that, we’re still just a rag tag bunch of parents surviving on coffee and love so if you are feeling generous and want to share this post with a friend we’d sure appreciate it 🙂


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