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Barking Cow Farms Fun for All

Barking Cow Farms Fun for All

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Barking Cow Farms is a Family owned and operated 250 acre farm in Brilliant, Alabama. They opened their farm and petting zoo to the public just last year and are continuing to grow. We visited their farm recently and absolutely loved it! There is something for everyone in the family. At the farm they have a concession stand, playgrounds, animals, farm rides, and so much more!

Things to do at Barking Cow Farms

In their play yard you can play Barnyard Basketball, bounce on the jump pillow, swing on the playground, dig in the sand, play on their playground in the corn bin, slide down one of their massive slides, and pick a pumpkin in their huge patch!

My toddler really enjoyed the corn bin, swings, and bouncing on the jump pillow.

The farm also offers many rides such as tractor pulled train carts, hayrides, and horse drawn carriage rides to the pumpkin patch!


Petting Zoo

They have multiple different animals on the farm like; buffalo, zebra, camels, kangaroos, emus, and many more! A feed cup for the animals is only $1. Most of the animals on the farm enjoy the feed cups but some do not, so be sure to pay attention to the signs on their enclosures! We enjoyed feeding the camels, llamas, and especially the miniature calves!

They also offer animal encounters for an additional cost, we opted for the Monkey and Fennec Fox encounter and our toddler loved it. For $20 extra per person you will get 10 minutes with their baby monkey and fennec fox. The owner was extremely knowledgeable and answered all our questions on pretty much the entire farm. Their fox, monkey, and baby kangaroo actually go home with the owner each night.

They also offer sloth encounters for $50 a person and Reptile encounters for $15 a person.


Food on the Farm

At the farm they have a concession stand that offers typical concession stand food such as nachos, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and multiple sweets like ice cream, rice crispies, dirt cake, and so much more! They have all your food cravings covered! At the main barn they even have freshly hand-spun cotton candy!

Party on the Farm

Barking Cow Farm currently offers three party packages. Packages 1 & 2 are located on their farm and include all of their barnyard activities. Package 3 is for their traveling petting zoo and they bring the party to you!

Farm Details

Bathrooms are located at the gift shop as well as the concession stand. They are super clean and well taken care of.

The farm is stroller and wheelchair friendly for the most part, some wheels may be harder to push through some of the gravel.

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Address: 17446 US Hwy 278, Brilliant, AL

Phone: (205)-412-7846

Cost: $7-$20 per person | Animal Encounters: $15-50

Hours: Every Saturday and Sunday in October

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