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Collinette Flower Farm in Lacey’s Spring is a colorful burst of U-pick happiness

Collinette Flower Farm in Lacey’s Spring is a colorful burst of U-pick happiness

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Collinette Flower Farm is closed indefinitely. We’ll update this article if/when it reopens.

It has been a long quarantine for our family, and this cooler weather is such a welcome change! Being able to get out and do some things outside without melting: Yes, please! My favorite find recently is this amazing gem just south of Huntsville in Lacey’s Spring. Collinette Flower Farm is exactly the colorful burst of U-pick happiness my heart needed. About 10 minutes past Ditto Landing, it’s a quick and easy drive.

A beautiful patchwork of flowers blankets the field and welcomes you as you pull in. A tent is conveniently placed with vases, snips, instructions, and a cash/check payment jar (tickets can also be purchased online). Pricing is per vase, with small and large options at $15 and $25 respectively. My 4-year-old daughter and I each filled a small vase.

She repeatedly exclaimed “this is the best flower day EVER!” as she perused the neatly organized rows of gorgeous, healthy plants and made her selections. Next time we go I think we’ll probably just share one pair of snips. I’m pretty sure I barked “point down!” a few hundred times as her attention wandered from one big pink blossom to the next. But as a chance to get out and see her in action, following directions on how and where to snip, and use those motor skills doing something fun and creative, it was hands-down my favorite mom-daughter outing! We both LOVED our gorgeous bouquets and had a blast putting them together!

A perfect mommy/daughter day date.

We’re all big fans of snack time in my family so we were glad to see several nice picnic tables with umbrellas. There is also a little grassy area with a sandbox and toys. A porta-potty tops off the amenities for when a member of your party breaks into the pee-pee dance.

Their website is filled with some great tips on cutting and caring for flowers so you can enjoy them as long as possible.  And if you’re looking for pretty much the best gift idea ever, check back in 2021 for their local flower delivery subscriptions!

Happy snipping!


Where: 191 Dry Creek Cove Circle, Laceys Spring (map)
When: Mon-Fri from 8-11am; Sat 8-11am & 5-7pm
More Info: Facebook | Website


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