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Cool Summer Style for Working Moms

Cool Summer Style for Working Moms

If you know anything about me, you know that I? Am a fashion maven.

MAVEN, I said.

Before I doubled over in laughter. Because, please. No. Not at all.

But I am a working mom. Who works in Alabama. Even in the summer. So I have a few tips to share about dressing for hot, sticky Alabama summers while still maintaining an office demeanor. (And be able to leave the office and head straight to a swim meet/outdoor concert/baseball game.)

The Players of Your Summer Wardrobe:

The Maxi Skirt. I actually fought this one for a long time because I have a long-torso, which means anything “maxi” on my bottom half automatically translates to “dragging the floor”. But I’ve found that most skirts have fold-over waistbands, allowing you to control the length of the skirt. Look for a skirt in a heavier jersey fabric to avoid any panty lines, and I personally have a color palette that I stick to for office wear (black, white, grey, jewel tone accents). Throw some funky gladiator sandals with even a basic tshirt and this skirt, and you look great. (AND IT IS PAJAMA-COMFY.)

White Jeans. I also avoided these till about three years ago, and I finally gave in and bought a pair. And MAN, I loved those things. I’m now on the hunt for a new pair, as things can only stay crisply white for so long. Hints: before buying any white pants, stick your hand inside of them and see if they’re sheer enough to see your skin through. I can’t tell you how many women I see wearing sheer white pants that they were oblivious too. (Nice Hanes Her Way, ladies!) And even if you work in a dressier office, a pair of crisp, clean white jeans can usually get you by! They make any top feel instantly beachy.

Printed Dresses. This is probably my staple summer go-to when the weather gets insanely hot. One layer, looks pulled-together, and there’s still AIRFLOW. I prefer a faux-wrap style myself, and they are universally flattering on almost every body type, but I also have a few shift styles and a few A-lines that work as well. Just throw them on, grab some cute shoes, and you’re good!

Flutter sleeve tops. Most tops with a flutter sleeve are going to be more light-weight and breezy. I always go for some that are embroidered or slightly fancy in some way so I feel like I’m .. I don’t know, putting EFFORT into it? (I’m clearly not putting effort into it.) And look! You know what this top would go great with? WHITE JEANS!

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Keep These Players on the Bench for Office Wear:

Strapless dresses. Ladies, I KNOW how hot it is outside. I do. And I know that in a perfect world, no one would judge us for baring our shoulders at work. But in reality, it’s still considered unprofessional. Wear a cardigan, wear a blazer, wear a wrap. Even spaghetti straps are iffy (and generally, I would say to stay away from those too). Better safe than sorry, but if you’re looking for a benchmark, a strap on any dress should be (at least!) the width of a credit card.

Flip Flops of any sort. Fashion has sort of moved to a realm where the line between flip flop and sandal are blurred. So use your best judgement. But chances are that if the sole of your “sandal” is rubber? That shoe is PERFECT for the beach, but not the office. (Yes, even if your flip flops are bedazzled.)(.. ESPECIALLY if your flip flops are bedazzled, actually.)

Shorts. This one will be a contentious one, I’ve no doubt. But there are nice shorts out there now! And I know! I own some! I wear them exactly NEVER because they are too nice for the ballfield! But not nice enough for work! Shorts are just inappropriate for the office, period. I could POSSIBLY be convinced that a tailored Bermuda short (inseam of 9″ or longer) would be appropriate on more casual days, but nothing shorter. Even on Fridays. Sorry. It’s true.

Track pants. I just .. please don’t. Please don’t make me tell you this.

What are your office summer staples for wardrobe? (Momma’s always looking for new options!)


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  • I love flutter sleeve tops and would agree with everyone if these items EXCEPT the white jeans!
    Sorry, those will always be a fashion DON’T in my book 🙂

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