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Essential Oils & Your Health

Essential Oils & Your Health

With the wealth of information available now about healthy eating, living, and raising a family, more people are exploring natural remedies for minor ailments. Massage therapist Nancy Ramirez found this to be the case when she and her husband moved to Alaska in 2007. It was there she discovered Young Living Essential Oils, and eventually incorporated them into her massage practice. After using the oils for personal use, Nancy was inspired to share the benefits of the oils with more friends. “My health and my family’s health greatly improved. I got off of 5 prescriptions and we rarely go to the doctor now.” She partnered with another distributor, and planned a party; the business took off, and has experienced rapid growth ever since. “One of the best feelings is to be a part of someone feeling hope again.”

Young Living is the leader in therapeutic grade essential oils and has been for over 20 years. They provide full disclosure on their Seed to Seal process of the oils. Many other oil companies cannot tell you where their seeds for the plants come from or details about their distillation. Young Living supervises each step of this process from the first seed in the ground to the last seal on the bottle.

Nancy sat down with us and answered a few questions about Young Living Essential Oils and what it’s like to be a small business owner in North Alabama.

Who is a good candidate to use your oils?
Young Living’s Oils and products serve people struggling with ANY health issue , big or small. Another great audience for me are moms interested in reducing the amount of harmful chemicals that are in common body care and cleaning products. Many of the products on the grocery store shelves are affecting children’s immune systems in a negative way. Our extensive product line offers toothpaste, mouthwash, vitamins, lotions, shampoos, all free of harmful chemicals and they smell amazing! Gary Young, the company’s founder, says, “ If you can’t eat it, you should not put it on your skin.”

A Young Living lavender farm in Idaho.
Some people might be leery about trying something new, especially homeopathic products. How do you educate people about them?
I think it’s important that I offer the opportunity for my customers to continue learning about essential oils and ways to use them. I follow up with them individually if I can and encourage them to attend my free monthly class. June’s class on the 16th will be about the Healing Oils of the Bible. The location for the class is 2223 Memorial Parkway, from 9:30-11:30.

Every small business owner has their challenges and rewards. What are yours?
I’m not a numbers person and don’t enjoy keeping track of receipts, so the paperwork is definitely a challenge. As for rewards, I mostly enjoy the amount of new people it allows me to meet. I love making new friends! Being my own boss is pretty cool too.

What is your best advice to other small business owners?
Follow up is crucial. Treat loyal customers like royalty. Let them know you appreciate them. Create a system that works and repeat it over and over.

“I put Young Living peppermint on my infant’s feet to reduce a fever quickly and clove oil (diluted) on her gums instantly relieves teething pain.” – Ashley Cain

[box type=”success”] Now you can try Young Living products for yourself – Nancy is giving away a 15ml bottle of Peace and Calming Essential Oil ($43.00 retail value). “Every mom should have this oil on hand to calm a child when upset. WORKS LIKE A CHARM!” She is also including a Personal Oil Consultation (30 min-1hr) with additional Oil Samples, depending on your health needs.[/box]

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  • I love using essential oils and learning more about them. So excited to know there is a YL distributor in our area!

  • I love the oils and what they have done for me and my family. My children love them, too. I haven’t been sick in 3-1/2 years–no doctor visits. And my most recent use of the oils is clearing up teenage acne and preventing newborn jaundice. The oils are just amazing and I love that they are natural, good for you, and chemical-free!

  • I am definitely interested in learning more about essential oils and a local source of pharmaceutical grade oils.

  • This is so perfect – I’ve been interested in learning more about essential oils. They sound really interesting, but it has seemed overwhelming to pick through the info available online, discerning what’s valid from what’s, well, snake oil 🙂

  • I have personally known Nancy since high school. I had frequent flare up of gout. She sent me some samples and I like them. She also sent me one for pain since I destroyed my left shoulder and on days when it is cramping and hurting I put some Panaway Oil on it and it takes most of the pain away. Love the oils, love the lady!!

  • I am desperate for help for my husband. He cannot sleep. He is taking Lunesta that has horrible side effects. He did take melatonin.for a little while but it quit working. I have heard of essential oils but we never tried . We live in Taft Tn, about 20 miles north of HSV. Plz write back. Gail

  • I should be having a training for essential oils in a few weeks. Email me if interested.

    • Is there a class coming up in February? I am interested in the sleep oils.

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