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A Tribute to All Kinds of Dads

A Tribute to All Kinds of Dads

Being a dad, much like being a mom, has changed A LOT over the last fifty years or so. Fathers are now expected to play a significantly larger role in child-rearing, and on behalf of all moms we’d like to salute those dads who have stepped up to the challenge.

Every father has their own unique way of being a dad and just by being present for their kids they’re doing a great job, but THESE dads…Well, they are taking it to another level. So, whatever kind of dad you are, we salute you today and everyday. Thanks for being such great partners in this challenge called parenthood.

Happy Father’s Day to ALL THE DADS. #KillingIt

1. Fashionable Dads
@the.mcfarlands Dan will show you the way #dan #dadsoftiktok ♬ Reborn – Colin Stetson

2. Nail Trimming Dads

3. Dad Joke Dads
@fitdadceo MY JOKE TELLING IS IN ITS…PRIME😏 #dadjoke #nodummy ♬ everyone using this sound – zup

4. In the Nick of Time Dads

5. Hairstyling Dads

6. Costume Designing Dads

7. Joke Telling Dads

8. Dancing Dads

9. Famous Dads

10. Smitten New Dads
new dad
Huntsville dad, Stephen Waggoner, holds his newborn for the first time. Click to read his story.


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