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Splash into an Adventure at Jungle Wave

Splash into an Adventure at Jungle Wave

  • Open 11-7 every day
  • Call ahead to reserve your spot
  • Must by 48” tall
  • Free, all-day pool admission with each purchase
Two boys in blue life jackets stand on the dock in front of the floating adventure course, The Jungle Wave. +6
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If you have an adventurous kiddo who is not as enthusiastic as they once were for typical water play like splash pads and creek stomping, you can give them a unique experience at The Jungle Wave in Scottsboro. My water-loving 10-year-old has been getting bored more quickly at our beloved play areas (cue some small drops of water on this mom’s face). He’s become interested in activities that challenge him physically and have an element of thrill. The Jungle Wave checked both boxes.

What’s The Jungle Wave?

The Jungle Wave is a floating adventure course on Goose Pond in Scottsboro. It’s a beautiful spot with a gorgeous view. It has a relaxed atmosphere on the shore or in the water, but heart-racing fun can be found once you are on board the course.

You can climb, bounce, slide, swing or jump from heights of up to 12 feet. Twelve feet might not seem like much when you’re below, but your nerves will be tested once you are looking down. The kiddos were eager to jump off the highest platform, but they both took several turns standing at the edge and changing their minds.

My son’s friend worked up to it by conquering the lower jumps first. Once he finally made the drop, though, he was unstoppable. My son decided the high platform wasn’t for him. He spent most of his time bouncing off the trampoline or climbing the rock wall. They both tried out the slide and the Tarzan rope swing, but the jumping and bouncing elements were their favorites.

Two boys in blue life jackets stand on the dock in front of the floating adventure course, The Jungle Wave.
The kids will love swimming out to the floating course and trying their hands at all the obstacles.

The idea of bouncing off a trampoline into the water sounded fun to me, but it was going to be more challenging than I imagined. You aren’t bouncing on a flat trampoline and deciding when you’ll go into the water. Instead, you drop from a platform and then bounce once onto an angled trampoline that sends you up and then into the water. I might have physically been able to do it, but I doubted my ability. My nerves got the better of me, and I couldn’t even bring myself to jump off the 6-foot platform. Parents aren’t required to accompany children onto the course, though, so I’ll hang back next time.

There are kayaks and canoes for rent and a pool. All-day pool admission is free with each course purchase. If resting and enjoying the view sounds better, there is a casual food joint on shore that has indoor and outdoor seating with views of the course. Parents can pay admission, complete the waivers, and send kiddos down to the dock to get fitted in life jackets. The kids swim out to the course and receive the rules and safety information. There are two lifeguards on board and someone in a kayak close by keeping a watchful eye. There are two ladders with no-slip sections for getting back onto the course. The upper levels and platforms have handrails and are covered in astroturf, which keeps feet from slipping or being too hot.

A young boy in a blue shirt climbs a rock wall over a small body of water.
The adventurous kiddos will love rock climbing over the water at the Jungle Wave.

What to Expect

The course is open 7 days a week from 11am-7pm. It operates Memorial Day through Labor Day. I recommend calling ahead to reserve spots. Sessions are one hour long and cost $20 per person. If you go between now and June 17, admission is only $15. A 10% discount is given to teachers, doctors, and those in the military.

Private party packages are available. A party is $300 for two hours and covers 15 guests. Each additional partygoer costs $10. There is a maximum of 25 guests. For those who anticipate going multiple times, a VIP pass is available for $120. It’s good for a one-hour session every day of the season.

There is a one-person bathroom between the parking lot and the Jungle Wave course.

Participants must be at least 48” tall. I recommend taking kids 10 and older, or at least those who can follow directions and take safety measures seriously. Kids who are adventurous and comfortable around and in the water will get the most out of the experience. This is going to be on our annual to-do list. The kids had a blast!

A young boy in a blue life jacket jumps from the a platform into the water.
Kids will love to leap from the platforms into the water.

Plan Your Visit to Jungle Wave

Location: 417 Ed Hembree Dr, Scottsboro, AL (Map)
Cost: $20/hour ($15/hour until June 17)
Open Dates: Memorial Day through Labor Day
Days: Weekdays and Weekends
Times: 11am – 7pm
Website | Facebook | Instagram
Phone: 256-605-3552

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