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This Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole is cheesy, easy to make, and a hit with the kids!

This Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole is cheesy, easy to make, and a hit with the kids!

This dish is a hit for our family, so I wanted to share it with you all. This cheesy Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole can be done quickly, so you can get dinner on the table and relax. It’s also perfect for families on the go or with a variety of schedules – if your daughter has basketball practice at night, she can heat it up easily when she gets home. If Mom or Dad have to work late, nor problem! Just reheat and eat. Watch the girls and I prepare this dish for you!

Ingredients You Will Need:

For directions, check out our video description!

  • Chicken thighs (or rotisserie chicken meat for the Quick Prep Method)
  • Shredded cheddar & mozzarella cheese
  • Crumbled cooked bacon
  • Your favorite tube-shaped pasta, we used rotini
  • Jar of Alfredo pasta sauce
  • Packet of dry Ranch dressing
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Optional: Serve with garlic bread and a salad

RecipeJoes Recipe Pro-Tips

  • Let your kids help grate the cheese – just watch out for those little fingers as the cheese block gets smaller!
  • This recipe can be customized to how much time you have – you can pan-fry the chicken, or buy a rotisserie chicken that’s already cooked.

closeup photos of Chicken Bacon Cheese Casserole made by RecipeJoes

Fun Facts About Casseroles!

A casserole is a large, deep dish used both in the oven and as a serving vessel.

The word is also used for the food cooked and served in such a vessel, with the cookware itself called a casserole dish or casserole pan.

The casseroles we know today are a relatively modern invention. Early casserole recipes consisted of rice that was pounded, pressed, and filled with a savory mixture of meats such as chicken or sweetbreads.

In Minnesota and North Dakota, casseroles are called “hotdish”.

Spaghetto is the singular word for one piece of spaghetti.

There are approximately 600 shapes of pasta! What’s your kid’s favorite? (Super Foodies might have heard the lively debate on a recent episode of The Splendid Table.)

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