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RecipeJoes Crispy Homemade Potato Chips

RecipeJoes Crispy Homemade Potato Chips

Going to the grocery store, and picking up potato chips is something that we all often do! The flavors of chips cover the whole gambit from sweet, salty, and other weird combinations. Let me tell you a little secret, you can make your own potato chips at home that taste so much better than anything you buy at the store. With a few ingredients and a little know-how, you can be swimming in the snack in no time! Join us as my girls and I whip up some just for you.

Ingredients You Will Need:

For directions, check out our video description!

  • Idaho potatoes, sliced thin
  • Kosher salt
  • Paper towels
  • Vegetable Oil or Canola Oil
  • Your favorite seasonings
  • Salt and Pepper

RecipeJoes Chip Pro-Tips

  • You can get a mandolin from Walmart, Publix, and other stores. It’s a good tool to have for slicing vegetables; however, when doing this recipe make sure you’re the one using the tool, because it can be very dangerous.
  • You can use vegetable oil to fry the chips in, or you can experiment with other oils like coconut, canola, and peanut.
  • These chips are really good right after cooking. You can store them in air tight Ziploc bags, but the shelf life isn’t very good. So eat up!
  • Seasoning the chips right as they’re coming out of the oil! You can try all kinds of seasonings with your kids, have fun with it! You might think of an awesome combination.

homemade potato chips on a tray

Fun Facts About Potato Chips!

March 14th is National Potato Chip Day. Celebrate by making some to share!

When the United States entered World War II, potato chips were declared a “nonessential food” that had to halt production immediately.

Potato chip bags are only partially filled for a reason: The additional space adds cushioning to prevent breakage.

In Britain, what we would call “French fries” in North America are referred to as “chips” or “chippies” in England. To avoid confusion, what we call “potato chips” are called “crisps” in the U.K.

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