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Join the Family at Strickland Farm

Join the Family at Strickland Farm

A Strickland family member cares for one of the farm's pigs.

“Dirty hands, Clean souls” is the motto of Strickland Family Farm in Douglas, Alabama. Dirty hands are a given when it comes to owning and running a farm, but Adam and Christy Strickland, two nurse practitioners by trade, are not afraid of embracing that motto.

Meet the Strickland Family

A human family of 8 with too many animal family members to count, the Stricklands have been pouring their heart and soul into their new family farm since January 2019. From Huntsville to Guntersville, the family couldn’t quite find what they were looking for until they visited a small farm on vacation and thought, “We could do this” and so, they did. They found the perfect home for a family of their size with the perfect amount of land, and moved from Guntersville to Douglas, Alabama to begin creating the farm of their dreams.

Enjoy a Visit and Leave Like Family

A guest enjoys a ride on Bubbles, a white pony, while being guided by two Strickland Family Farm members.
Guests can meet some of the farm’s animal residents including Bubbles, a white pony.

When we arrived at Strickland Family Farm we immediately received just that, family and farm. The whole family, plus two porch dogs and a baby lamb named Maggie, came out to greet us in their Strickland Family Farm t-shirts ready to share what was obviously a big family passion.

We wrapped up our tour with new Strickland Farm t-shirts and conversations about finding land and starting a micro-farm of our own.

We were led out back to meet a beautiful white pony named Bubbles who loves giving pony rides and moonlights as a unicorn for photoshoots and birthday parties! After taking a short ride, we continued on our journey to go meet the bunnies! Our favorite was a white ball of fluff named Vanna. We got to feed raisins to alpacas, run with goats and sheep, and even get up close and personal with the farm Emu, Princess Poppy. A lot of the animals share a large open fenced area, so you really get close and in the middle of them all. The pigs loved attention and snacks. We also got to check in on the peacocks, find the turkey’s very first egg they’d ever laid, and help collect eggs in the chicken coop!

Looking Ahead

Adam has big plans for the remaining land that isn’t already in use and was so excited to tell us about the future of Strickland Family Farm. He sees an arena full of people that have had a great day on the farm and are settling in to hear some live music on the stage.

He hopes to have families and school groups and those interested in learning about animals and getting back to a more symbiotic way of living coming to see what he and his family have built. The family shares their animals for parties and events and they have tons of cuddly animals that love posing for photoshoots! The next planned photoshoot is geared toward Easter with bunnies, ducklings, and a lamb! Check out their Facebook to learn more.

The Strickland Family Farm is ran by Adam and Christy and their six children.
The Strickland Family Farm is home to eight human family members and various animal members that include, dogs, goats, pigs, a pony and more.

Being out on the farm, which is in the Strickland’s huge backyard, and seeing my daughter running around and having a blast with all of the Strickland children and their animal friends definitely had an effect on my wife and me. Even the cold and a little rain couldn’t cloud the fun we were all having. We wrapped up our tour with new Strickland Farm t-shirts and conversations about finding land and starting a micro-farm of our own. While I don’t see us making that jump just yet, I do see us visiting Strickland Family Farm again very soon to have another fun filled day with all of our new human and animal friends!

Plan your Visit to Strickland Family Farm

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Saturday: By appointment only
Closed Sundays and all major holidays

Phone: (256) 738-9153

Admission Packages: 

  • Farm tours are 30 minutes and $10/person
  • Farm tours for an hour and photo minis are available for $65
  • A 30 minute Unicorn Photo session is available for $35
  • Two Hour Pony Parties are available for $300

Book through Facebook or the Strickland Family Farm Website.


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