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New Year Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Your Diet, Fitness, or Finances

New Year Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Your Diet, Fitness, or Finances

The tough thing about resolutions is 1) They tend to relate to anxiety-inducing topics like health and finance and 2) They tend to be really specific and therefore VERY EASY TO FAIL. I thought I’d make a list of vague resolutions that have absolutely nothing to do with your money or your fitness but have EVERYTHING to do with betterment of mind and spirit.


Or let us do these TEN very vague things, sometime in the new year.


1) Take a class.

Maybe an art class? Maybe a fitness class? Maybe a lecture from a local historian? Look at your local library – sometimes these things are offered for free. I suggest subscribing to your library newsletter. Let everyone know that you’re looking for classes to take! Most free stuff is not well publicized. Let your friends know what you’re trying too and maybe they’ll join in. And if you have a budget, sometimes you’ll find the best classes if you can pay a little. We have local pottery classes, and painting classes – the world is your oyster if you can budget it!

2) Take yourself on a solo date.

Maybe to dinner with your favorite book or your sketch pad? Maybe to a movie? (Going to a movie by myself is my FAVORITE.) Or maybe just grab some takeout and do a solo picnic at a local park. Do something special by yourself you would normally do as a “date.”

3) Explore a local outdoor area you’ve never been to.

Maybe a hike? Maybe just a picnic? Maybe just a drive through a wildlife area? Enjoy something natural nearby that you’ve never visited before.

4) Go to a show.

Maybe a high school musical? (Lots of our local high schools produce musicals of a higher caliber than some traveling broadway productions!) Maybe community theatre? Maybe a free outdoor concert? Or check out what’s coming in the new Mars Music Hall at the VBC. Again – you’ll have to be in the “know” – find local newsletters to subscribe to in order to stay up to date.

5) Buy art from a local artist.

This is really easy to do around here. We have art markets in the summer time downtown once a month, we have a local art collective, and we have several art festivals throughout the year. Find some local art centers and see if they have calendars you can follow. You’ll feel really good about buying local art and you’ll also learn a lot about your local art community by just going to the different events where they feature their stuff.

6) Make something you’ve never made before.

If you like to quilt, maybe try a painting. If you like to knit, maybe make a piece of jewelry. If you like to sew, maybe try painting rocks or cooking. Do something creative outside your norm.

7) Volunteer.

This is hard for me because I kinda hate being around new people or in new situations. But I’ve learned there are a lot of ways to volunteer that don’t require a lot of socializing. You can dog walk at your local shelter. Or if you have a local track club you can stuff packets for races (my personal favorite). Just find a way to do something helpful for free and without expecting anything in return.

8) Attend an event at your local library.

You may cover this in one of the earlier categories, but try not to let the same event count for two things on this list! My library has so many events it’s easy to find plenty to attend. There are historians and authors and concerts and workshops. Find some way to participate at your local library because using your library really helps your community.

9) Go to dinner with a friend.

It turns out this is not something a lot of us do. I don’t know if I would do it that often if I didn’t have friends who pushed me to meet them for meals. Don’t bring the kids if you have them, just go and have some fellowship with someone outside your family.

10) Find a (new) favorite locally-owned restaurant.

We all have our favorite restaurants but try, and maybe you already have a favorite locally owned eatery. But if you don’t, or even if you do, try some new locally owned places. Not only does it make you feel good about your money spent and your calories imbibed, but it’s a great conversation starter or contribution for out-of-towners. Being able to talk about local/unique restaurants is a handy skill!

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